Iris Learn

Iris is a new interactive learning tool for children and young families to gain a greater understanding of vision and sight loss.
Through the use of VR, this online resource aims to encourage young people to think about how sight loss can affect us in different ways as well as teaching them the basics of how our eyes work and how we can keep them healthy as we grow up.

This project has been fuelled by research into organizations such as the RNIB and the Macular Society as well as personal input from local charity The WilberForce Trust, who helped generate ideas and provide personal experiences of being visually impaired. Iris aims to educate young people through real-life experiences of being visually impaired, challenging perceptions of what it means to be ‘disabled’. Through these incredible stories, we aim to encourage young people to understand that disability does not have to be a barrier to success.

Accessibility is incredibly important for this project. Therefore, the colours used for text throughout adhere to WCAG AAA standards. Additionally, buttons on all text pages allow users to enlarge text and make it bold for ease of reading. The website, overall, is simple and bold to ensure it is engaging for young people, simple to navigate and appropriate for those with visual impairments or other disabilities. Ensuring this resource was more accessible to children was also a key aim. Therefore, the choice of language has been adapted to ensure it is appropriate for younger audiences and all complex terms are also displayed with their phonetic spelling.