Trainwell is a mobile app that aims to address the issues surrounding health and fitness tracking through allowing users to reach their maximum physical potential in a supported environment. Designed for athletes, the app creates a platform for users to connect with their support team and provide a digital log of their training and overall wellbeing.

For performance athletes, self-quantification and tracking progress can be incredibly important in reaching their peak physical potential. Therefore, in designing Trainwell, we have not sacrificed the element of self-tracking, but simply reframed it. Instead of users being provided with a blanket, “one size fits all” approach to fitness through automated calorie goals and 10k step counts, Trainwell simply provides a platform for coaches to design personalised training plans for their athletes that coincide with their personal goals and lifestyles.

The app aims to encourage users to focus on physical and mental training equally through offering sport-specific meditation on topics such as dealing with pressure and lack of motivation, a wellness tracker that provides coaches with a general account of their athlete’s overall wellbeing and a direct messaging platform for athletes and coaches to connect.